Bienvenue au programme La Première Présence Canadian Tire

Le programme la PREMIÈRE PRÉSENCE CANADIAN TIRE est conçu pour assurer une expérience positive de hockey aux familles qui en sont à leur premier contact avec le hockey en offrant un programme ACCESSIBLE, ABORDABLE, SÉCURITAIRE et surtout, AMUSANT!

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Give the gift of hockey this holiday season! 🎁 Visit to register for a winter program ❄️ #CTFirstShift 🏒
2 Days ago
It’s not too late to sign up for the Winter programs! 🏒 Visit to register! The fun starts here! 😊 #CTFirstShift
15 Days ago
That’s a wrap for our #CTFirstShift fall tour! 👌 What a great way to end with our first ever autistic program in Montreal, QC 🏒
35 Days ago
Thank you to our Ontario team who finished an amazing tour welcoming over 900 families at 25 events across Ontario and making sure kids left with a huge smile 😊 #CTFirstShift
38 Days ago
Thanks @bauerhockey for the new bags! #CTFirstShift 🏒😍 Is this how you use them? 🙈
39 Days ago
Hands up for the weekend 🙌 #CTFirstShift
40 Days ago
Make sure to visit our website to register your child for the winter sessions 😍 🏒 #CTFirstShift
41 Days ago
First helmet ❤️ #CTFirstShift
41 Days ago
Thank you Deke for helping welcome all the #CTFirstShift kids into hockey! 😍
43 Days ago
Have a safe and Happy Halloween 🎃 to all the #CTFirstShift kids trick or treating tonight! 🏒
44 Days ago
New friends 😍🏒 #CTFirstShift
44 Days ago
Chris Bright from @hockeycanada helping out the future hockey stars in Calgary, AB over the weekend! 🏒🙂 #CTFirstShift
46 Days ago